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Soccer Baby Bodysuit

  • $1995

 Cute soccer themed outfit for baby!

Sizes: Newborn, Small (3-6mos) Medium (6-12mos) Large (12-18mos)


All of our creepers are designed front and back to look like the complete sports balls.  On the front of this soccer creeper, you will notice that it features white hexagons and black pentagons to resemble those found on a soccer ball.  The design is purposefully curved to work better with the shape of babies' bellies and to appeal more to the eye of the consumer.  The back also features the corresponding polygons of a soccer ball as it would appear in comparison to the front-facing shapes.  This creeper contains a black ringer.

All of our creepers are of excellent quality: 210 gsm/6.1 oz; ringspun, combed, 100% cotton; interlock knit; pre-shrunk; buttons color-matched to the fabric.  This makes for a thick, dependable, and durable garment, not to mention one that is also pleasing to the eye.


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